The Friends Feast 2024

 The Friends Feast is an invitation to a weekend where homeowners host an event in their home i.e a Bar B Que , a Coffee Morning, a Sunday Roast or a Saturday Dinner , whatever they are comfortable hosting at home over the May Bank Holiday Weekend  2024

The idea is to share friendship, food and fun over the weekend in your OWN home and raise funds for the Friends in the process!

Just start simple, and bring people together maybe in your own home , or a community hall or even a street party all sorts of ideas and projects can work. It can lead to people getting to know their community and creating a better neighbourhood friendship.

The chances are that someone in your family has had reason to visit Sligo Hospital over their lifetime and this is an opportunity to give back PLUS the chance to invite new people in your neighbourhood who may be non- national , widowed, new to the area and just need a bit of good will.

The concept is to renew acquaintances , welcome new neighbours and enrich your community spirit.

You can register your commitment and download all the info you need by clicking the Blue button.

Once registered you get access to the full support and back up from the organising committee to make your Friends Feast have Flair and Fun!

Lots of extras, tips and ideas on menus and fun games you can play too.

Join in the FUN of the Friends Feast Weekend this May Bank Holiday by registering your interest now…..